Tia's reasoning behind the video

" For years I studied Art History in London and I was always in awe of how the the Renaissance nobles in paintings by my favourite artists ( such as Alonso Sánchez Coello and Sofonisba Anguissola ) would quite literally be drowning the their ruffle collars which at the time were very expensive and time consuming to make. These ruffles were something that stuck with me and it was all a matter of how could I incorporate this into fashion and trends today. I hand picked my models/Influencers because they each represented something in my view. Ruffles are often associated with " girly " girls.... That's not the case with my clothes. Anything I put my hands on really will always be for EVERY girl hence why I threw in Dani who has a very androgynous aesthetic casually smoking a cigar ( which by the way she actually enjoys doing) and is something often related with masculinity but she did it looking divine and without a care in the world. Or take Taylor for example , 16 year old sweetheart that loves to skateboard and she did just that while remaining to look graceful and chic. I chose the song by Lil Kim because it was what the video embodied - Literal queens "